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Golden Taicang, a modern and felicific garden city

In Chinese, Taicang means a place where an imperial granary was built under the instructions of the king of the Wu Kingdom during the Spring and Autumn period (approximately from 770 to 476 BC). It has been hailed as the “golden Taicang in the beautiful regions south of the Yangtze River”. During the Yuan and Ming dynasties (1271 to 1644), flourishing maritime trade and efficient water transport made Taicang the “dock of six kingdoms”, attracting numerous merchants. Zheng He, a great Chinese navigator who lived in the Ming Dynasty, embarked on his seven voyages to the western seas from the city.

Located near sea and rivers, Taicang is close to the Yangtze River to the east and borders Shanghai on the south. Among the cities along the Yangtze River, it is the closest to Shanghai and therefore is seeking integrated development with Shanghai. Taicang Port is the leading port in the Yangtze River region. It ranks 30th among the Global Top 100 Container Ports. More than 400 German enterprises have established businesses here, making it the country's only Sino-German Business Cooperation Base designated by China and Germany...

It is fulfilling to live here: taking a walkaround the Sha xi Ancient Town with small bridges across bubbling streams, enjoying the splendor and magnificence of the Yangtze River joining the sea, and tasting delicious river and sea food. In 2020, Taicang ranked 6th among the county's Top 100 Counties (Cities) in Comprehensive Development, third among county-level cities in terms of all-round well-off index, retained the honor as one of “Happiest Cities (County-level C ties) of China” for the ninth time, and received the accolade as one of the country's “Culturally Advanced Cities”.

German romantic poet Friedrich Hölderlin wrote: “Full of merit, yet poetically, man dwell on this earth.” 


Sino-German Dual Education Cooperation Discussion Meeting

DHBW, The Shanghai University of Engineering Science, The Shangha


TRT Operation Workshop

Staufen (Shanghai) Consulting Academy Co.


TRT Q2 Finance & Controlling Workshop

Taicang Tax Bureau, Taicang Disabled Employment and Entrepreneurs


TRT Q3 Supply & Logistics Workshop



TRT Q4 Customs Workshop

Taicang Customs Bureau, PwC


Local Enterprises into the German Enterprises

aicang Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of

Mr. Richard Zhang GM of Becker Consulting
Vice Chairwoman
Ms. Jesicar Shen GM of OASE
Vice Chairwoman
Ms. Marieke Bossek GM of German Centre Taicang
Vice Chairman
Mr. Wilhelm Anton Riester CTO of Chiron
Vice Chairman
Mr. Yang Gang President & CEO of TRUMPF
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